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8 Most Interesting Things You Can Do With Youtube Videos

Almost every video clip that goes viral, whether it’s a music video, a sketch of comedy or a tutorial, ends up being published on YouTube. Buying real Youtube views from companies from BRSM.IO may help in the short term but you still have to work on quality content to thrive!

Create GIF

Search for GIF Classic-Era using this nostalgic search engine. Classic era GIF. Using this nostalgic search engine. Are you passionate about the golden years of the Internet? When everything was new, and Geocities reigned on the web? Well, you can get a taste of the past by using this fantastic search engine. Read more to offer fast momentum or a fun line via a social media site or messaging app. Now you can easily create your own GIFs from almost all the videos you meet on YouTube.

Once the video is uploaded to GIPHY, enter the point of the video where you want the GIF to start and how many seconds you would like it to last. You can enter them manually at first, then use the handy scroll tools to set the perfect starting and ending points.

After creating the clip, you can add text similar to a caption or caption at the bottom of the screen. So all you have to do is click “Create GIF,” and you’re ready.

Find the Easter eggs

Where there is a human, there is a sense of humor. Engineers often introduce a fun secret into their code: an Easter egg. To find out more, YouTube has a number of tricks or Easter eggs that you can use to make the site appear or act differently.

One of the best-known tricks is to type “doge meme” in the YouTube search bar, which offers the site a new and much more colorful font on all pages.

Another trick is to type the word “exceptional” on your keyboard while playing a video, not in the search bar. After doing so, the progress bar will flash with bright and colorful tones.

Use Karaoke videos

Many of us already sing along with our favorite music videos on YouTube, and now there is a more efficient way to do it karaoke-style.

Creating your own karaoke tracks is as easy as pie and no longer requires one minute to be carried out, depending on the chosen method. Read more – or you can simply use it to see what exactly Bruno Mars was saying in the central part of “24K Magic”.

Add a watermark to your videos for ore Youtube views

If you upload videos regularly and want to personalize them with your brand watermark 13 Photo Easy & Free Ways to Watermark 13 Photo Easy & Free to Watermark Have you ever needed or wanted to mark an image as yours to prevent others from duplicating it and / or claiming it how own? You may already know that this is called watermarking. The process … To find out more, there is an easy way to do it on YouTube itself.

Add clickable image cards to your videos and get real Youtube views

For this trick, you will have to click on your account icon again and go to “Creator Studio”. Click on the uploaded video you want to add the image to and click “edit”. After this, click on “annotations,” then select the location where you want to view the image and at which point of the video you want it to appear.

Tip: You must include the image in the video before uploading it to YouTube.

Make sure to enable your account for external annotations. Click on “Add Annotations” and select the “Reflector” option. Drag the box around the image you want to be selectable.

Add visual and audio effects to your videos

The YouTube Editor simplifies the deletion of parts of your videos. Do you want to blur faces, objects, and brands from your videos on YouTube? The integrated editor makes it easy to do this with this new feature. Read More Videos is quite simple.

To adjust audio effects Change the background music on Youtube Video with Audioswap Change background music in Youtube Video with Audioswap More information, simply select “edit,” but this time, select “Audio”. Here you can try the various audio options YouTube offers for your videos.

Identify music in YouTube videos for views

Sometimes YouTube videos include background music you want to know more about. For this, all you need to do is paste the video URL into the MooMash website bar and let it do the work for you.

After a few seconds, the site will tell you which songs appear in the video in question and at what point in the video they play.

Slow-motion video tutorials

One of the great uses of YouTube is learning how to do certain things through video tutorials 12 fantastic free video tutorial sites to clean up your technical skills 12 fantastic free videos to improve your technical skills. This could be anything from tying a tie to decorating a cake. Although these videos are often useful, they can sometimes be difficult to maintain.

In this situation, YouTube has an integrated function which is particularly useful.

Conversely, if a video is a little too slow for you in certain parts, you can use the “Speed” option to make it run up to two times faster than normal.

Using YouTube to watch videos to gain views is already great, but knowing these tips and tricks can further improve the experience.…

How To Win Subscribers On Youtube: Useful Tips

YouTube has long evolved from a platform for simply watching videos to something more. Here you can find anything, for every taste and color. Training, work, entertainment, sports, and useful tips for all occasions – everything is presented in video hosting.

And amid this stream of information, it’s easy to get lost. It is just as easy to fly to the top, laying out suitable videos. Video blogger is one of the most popular professions of the Internet. Now everyone and everyone is running their blogs (channels), from the stars of show business to schoolchildren.

What Is It For

Viewers who like the content of a blog may be as many as you like, but not all of them become subscribers.

The follower, roughly speaking, is a loyal fan who subscribes to the channel so as not to miss the next video. It is their number that determines the professional suitability of a blogger and, accordingly, his earnings.

The more subscriptions, the easier it is to attract advertisers to the channel. It’s like prime time on television.

It is the subscribers through their friends who will carry information about the video channel, will discard links to videos on social networks, and attract attention. And all this is free, out of a desire to share the videos that they think are appropriate with friends.

No YouTube channel can exist for a long time without a permanent audience. The meaning of the platform’s activity is lost, and its owners do not have the opportunity to develop further. Of course, there are separate platforms (for example, commercial or political) that can give out their information, even without a large number of followers. But this is not about them now.

About bots and “dead souls.”buy real youtube subscribers

Before talking about how to get views on YouTube, it’s worthwhile to figure out which users the blogger wants to get. All Youtube subscribers can be divided into three categories: bots, “dead souls,” and a live audience.

A bot is not a living person but a program. It’s easiest to attract them through special services, and it’s enough to pay money. Bots will create the appearance of activity by raising the video in the ranking.

But there are unpleasant moments. Excessive enthusiasm for bots can attract the attention of site owners, as they are struggling with this phenomenon in every way. And then – welcome to the ban.

The same wrapping services, in addition to bots, offer to use a live audience. Yes, such people exist in reality, they can subscribe to the channel, like, leave comments. But this activity is their way of making money on YouTube. Therefore, they can safely be called “dead souls.” In statistics, they are, but in fact, they are absent. Such people are not at all interested in good content and channel promotion.

The only truly live audience is the already mentioned loyal followers. But you won’t buy much money, and you won’t be able to get them quickly. They can only be attracted by cool videos.

The scheme of work is almost the same everywhere. Only on free services, instead of money, you need to complete tasks and earn points. In most cases, tasks can be done on various social networks.

As a rule, they are simple: like, comment, follow the link. Earned points are used to promote the video blog. Before you start wrapping up, you need to build the blog carefully. You should choose the topic, come up with a good name, prepare several videos in advance, determine the frequency and form of presentation of the material, build a development plan.

When one and a half to two thousand Youtube subscribers appear, it is better to switch to other (legal) ways to promote the channel. It must be remembered that the main goal is to attract a real live audience.